Note: You're reading the plain English version of our terms. They’re not legally binding but should make it easy for you to understand what we do and don’t offer so you can get back to your day faster. 

Reading the legal stuff is hard, and boring, but important. We strongly encourage you to scroll down a bit and also read the version we apply legally. 

Who are we?

We’re Cynch, or Cynch Sec Pty Ltd, for legal purposes. We’re a proudly Australian company, based in Melbourne (Docklands to be exact). 

Our ACN is 629 269 085. 

What can we do for you?

Cynch is a membership for business owners and managers. Our service is designed to help you learn about, and manage cybersecurity threats and risks and build cyber fitness. By “cybersecurity threats and risks” we mean the things that bad guys and girls trying to steal your business data, your money, your assets everyday (usually over the internet) are trying to do to your business. 

The Cynch membership teaches you the things you should know about security and provides you with access to tools, services and other good stuff to help you protect your business. 

We’ll help you avoid and respond to what could be one of the worst days of your life as a business leader. 

How you can access the membership? 

We’ve tried to make that easy! The best place to start is our website! 

What does the membership cost?

We list the cost of the membership on the sign-up page, and you can choose the plan that best suits your business and your needs. 

We’ve designed the membership to cost as little as possible so we can help more businesses, faster. 

Our prices may change over time, and if they do we will let you know beforehand so you can decide if you want to pay the new amount.

Sorry, but our fees are non-refundable, unless Australian Law says they are. 

What’s the catch?

There are some terms and conditions, you’re reading them right now. The main thing is that when you sign up, you’re agreeing to our T&Cs.

We might change them at times, but don’t worry, we’ll let you know if we do and you can decide whether to keep using our services or not. 

What’s the important stuff to know?

Accessing the membership

When you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, we’ll need your real name and business email address. This is so we can invoice you correctly and keep the Tax Office on side.

We might also ask you for other details if and when we really need them. If these details change we’d love it if you could let us know. 

You’ll also need to set a password to access your membership. Don’t worry we’ll tell you how to handle that properly, but it’s important you keep the password to yourself so we know it’s you we’re helping and not some bad guy or girl. If someone else finds out your password and uses it to get access to your account, let us know and we’ll help sort it out.

We do our best to make our service usable from anywhere but you will need an Internet connection to access it. If you access the membership on your phone, you might need to pay your phone provider for the things you download. We’re not responsible for the costs associated with this, or anything else to do with your own device.

The features of our service will change

The membership will change over time, this is how it's going to get even better. Expect to see this in the future. 

If you have any queries, questions, concerns or just want to tell us how much you love your membership, you can email us at 

How we manage data

We’ll store your data as set out in our privacy policy. When you’re finished here you should really check it out!

We use the data we collect about your interactions with the membership and your business to make the service even better. We will store your data both here in Australia, and in the United States. 

How the membership works

You’ll remain a member as long as you pay to be one and agree to these terms. If you stop paying you’ll lose access. Simple huh?

For this to work we need you to authorize us to deduct funds from your card at the frequency you choose (usually annually). If you want to cancel we’ll be really sad, but all you need to do is let us know before your next deduction so we can sort this out before you’re charged.

Sometimes, we might try to entice potential new customers with freebies. You might have even received some when you signed up! We’re a growing business and love all our members, but unfortunately these freebies won’t change the price you pay for your existing membership.

Sometimes things happen that are not in our control. We plan for these events, and will help you do the same, but they might temporarily stop you from accessing our services. If this happens we’ll do everything we can to get things back to normal as soon as possible, but we won’t give refunds. 

What we’re not responsible for

At Cynch, we’re working on providing you, the business owner or manager, with information and tools that can help you protect your business. We work hard to make sure the information, advice and tools we provide are helpful, but we can’t be responsible for you or your business. At all times it’s your decision to take our advice and use our services.

Also, we’re not lawyers, so don’t take our advice as legal advice!

What you can’t do 

We’ve worked hard on them so please don’t steal our ideas or content and sell them to someone else.

Parts of our service are only useful if you tell us the truth so please don’t give us false information.

Also, don’t give us data belonging to someone else without their permission.

Basically, don’t be the baddie. 

Liability info 

Unless the law says we are liable, turn out to be frauds, or do something bad to you intentionally, Cynch is not liable to you. 

Wherever possible, any liability we do owe is limited to the cost of resupplying the service you’ve paid for.

Third Parties

Sometimes we give you links to services owned and managed by people who don’t work for Cynch. If we do, we’re not responsible for what they do, and we direct you to their terms and conditions.

Who’s Law?

Victoria’s laws. 

All legal dealings with Cynch will happen under the law of the State of Victoria, Australia.